Wednesday 18 July 2012

The Arctic Circle, we made it!

After a Looong day of driving we finally reached the Arctic circle at 1.30am!

The final stretch of driving involved duct-taping an iPhone to the dash to keep a check on our GPS co-ordinates. The suspense was immense as the road has several bends that took us back south before heading north again. however the constant daylight kept us awake (even if it did have a bit of a jet lag feel to it). We saw a few moose and with Rachel's careful driving avoided any too intimate meetings!

Here we are at the arctic circle polar station, its about 1.30 in the morning and look how light it is even with the overcast sky

We pitched camp within the Arctic Circle with a mostly successful, midge avoidance speed entry to the tent.

(that's midge net on my head, not a bag over my face)

Today we got up at a leisurely pace after the previous late night and headed to Storfossen (we will post regarding this at another time as there is only so long we can park outside the hotel and steal their wifi).

So far as we know we have reached the most northerly point of any Mongol Rally team (unless anyone can correct us)

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