The Charities

One of the main aims of this adventure is to raise money for two wonderful charities.  The Lotus Children's Center and Mountain Rescue.

The Lotus Children's Center has spent the last two decades supporting Mongolia's most vunerable children and families. This year they are the official charity of the Mongol Rally and we are delighted to be supporting such a worthy cause. Our chosen charity is Mountain Rescue, an organisation dear to our hearts.  As keen (and sometimes hapless) kayakers we have witnessed first hand the amazing and essentail work they do.  Knowing people who have been rescued from the rivers and mountains of the UK by Mountain Rescue the team feels a great debt of gratitude towards these selfless volunteers.

Whether you are one of our friends, a colleague or the head of an international corporation we are asking for your generous donations.  Every single penny of the money you donate is going to the charities.  The team are personally paying for the Mongolian adventure.  We are even going to donate our car to charity when we arrive in Ulaanbatar!

On behalf of the team and the charities thank you so much for your support.

Rachel     Ant     Rory

Mountain Rescue

 The Mountain Rescue service in England and Wales exists to save lives in the mountains and moorlands. All teams are on call every day through the 999 emergency service. Many people do not realise that Mountain Rescue are there for everyone and not just 'mountaineers'. Mountain Rescue has helped families on lowland walks, farmers, horse riders, missing persons, lost schoolchildren, scouts, guides, cyclists, people in places the Ambulance service cannot reach and even a snowed in meals on wheels service! The charity has also been called out to several aircraft crashes.

After receiving a 999 call, the Police page the team and they take responsibility to find and rescue the casualty and their party. The work is not done until the casualty is safely aboard a helicopter or ambulance bound for hospital, or lost persons are safely delivered to concerned family members!
To maintain operational readiness Mountain Rescue volunteers continually train in rescue and medical techniques which are put to the test in a realistic series of winter exercises.

Lotus Children's Center

The Lotus Children’s Centre is a Mongolian non-profit, non-government organisation working with vulnerable children and families to provide the basic human rights of shelter, food and education. Lotus cares for up to 150 abused, orphaned and abandoned children at any one time and are currently looking after 90 vulnerable children. Initially set up to provide basic needs for survival for just a handful of children in one apartment, the organisation has developed a kindergarten and a primary school to provide educational foundation, and is developing vocational pathways for employment opportunities. The newest expansion of the Lotus family is the development of a new orphanage centre, 20km from the centre of Ulaanbaatar, which our children moved into at the beginning of 2012.