Wednesday 18 July 2012

Heading North

(16th July)
To achieve our aim of getting to the Arctic circle, we’re spending some days driving North. Happily the weather situation has vastly improved, which makes for much more pleasant driving and camping.

After crossing the border into Norway we made a quick detour to meet up with Maggie (who studied at RADA with Rory), and visited her family at their summer home near Svinesund. We stopped off for a quick dip in the fjord, this was believed to be a sufficient substitute for a shower, and thus we are all now super clean.

It should be noted that while getting changed for a swim, Rory found a slug, inside his shoe, right at the end, it had been there All Day- poor slug. Every morning we now have a shoe-slug check.

In the evening Maggie’s family kindly invited us into their house for a lovely dinner. The house itself had stunning views over the fjord and was built by her great-grandad and his brothers in the 1930s!

We continued the drive north, while we aren’t in the Arctic Circle yet it certainly doesn’t get fully dark at night. Current position 62.42 degrees North and counting.

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