The Hall of Fame

Our special thanks go to Corrugated Plastic Products Ltd.  They have donated extremely generously to both The Lotus Children's Trust, Mongolia and Mountain Rescue, England & Wales.

The company handles the design, manufacture, fabrication, assembly and supply of bespoke re-usable packaging and product handling systems. They are committed to Carbon Reduction.

                        Many thanks to Stefano Bellucci Sessa at Think What
                        If for designing our logo and branding.

                         Our thanks go to RADA for helping to publicise our adventure as well as all the training they have given Rory over the past three years.

                         Many thanks to Robin Shephard-Blandy at Illuminate
                         Design for providing us with the extremely useful
                         addition of working-lights for the sides of our car.

Preferred Communications have supplied us with a satellite phone and our thanks go out especially to Carlyn for all her help.  Let's hope we don't have cause to use it!

For your chance to become a corporate sponsor of this epic undertaking and charitable endeavour please email