The Team

IC Gradual Progress, consists of Ant, Rachel and Rory who will all (hopefully) be Imperial College graduates by the time we leave.
We all met each other through Imperial College canoe club, and have partaken in whitewater kayaking related escapades across the UK, Europe and Morocco!

Antony - Team pilot

 Ant is currently finishing a degree in Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial. As instigator of the Mongol Rally idea he is to be condemned and congratulated in equal measure.
Ant is the only person in the team who has previously owned a car (van) and has therefore been awarded the dubious honour being ‘the person who knows about cars’
Ant can frequently be found piloting actual aeroplanes, I’m not sure how this will come in useful in Mongolia but I bet it does.

Rory - Scottish representative

Rory finished a degree in Physics from Imperial in 2008, and took the next logical step in studying technical theatre at RADA, about as far from physics as you can get.
Having spent many years being driven around Europe by Ant and Rachel (and others), Rory finally decided to pass his driving test. The rest of the team are looking forward to him taking all the annoying driving shifts in payback.
Rory can usually be found educating the locals on the finer points of single malt whisky.

Rachel - Chief tea drinker

After 8 years at Imperial College, Rachel is finally attempting to leave university and finish a PhD in Chemical Engineering. During this time she spent many nerve-wracking hours teaching undergrads to drive minibuses, if this hasn’t prepared her for Rory and Ant driving I don’t know what will. 
Rachel can usually be found in a quiet corner depleting the team’s chocolate supplies