The Un-Route

This is our proposed route (click to embiggen)

No, it’s not very direct is it.

Let me explain...

We originally planned on driving to Shetland, getting a ferry to Oslo and driving through Scandinavia into Russia. Unfortunately that ferry no-longer runs, this was a bit of a bother. However by the time we realised this, we were sold on the idea of Scandinavia. What with the Arctic Circle being so temptingly ‘close’, we thought we’d take in some extra Nordic scenery on our route.

Having chosen to start going North we thought we'd take in some of Eastern Europe while returning South before heading in to Russia, Belarus was recommended to us as a fine country to visit. Then it seemed like the next logical step was to tick off some ‘Stans. Once we saw a picture of The Gates of Hell we were set on getting to Turkmenistan, after that the rest is relatively self explanatory. 

All in all we’ll cover over 10,000miles in 19 countries (20 if you include the jaunt to Beijing after the finish).

For route scrutiny you can view our adventure on Google Maps.

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  1. Rach, we have used up all the stars!