Sunday 22 July 2012

Rallying on!

Since our last post we’ve been making our way South and East, before leaving Sweden we noticed our back wheel was sticking a little bit. On further inspection we discovered that the handbrake was binding onto the rear left wheel. We found a garage in Vidsel where the local mechanic Alexander managed to release the cable for us.

We’ve passed south through Finland marvelling at the many expanses of water that cover the country. In usual style as we got to the port in Helsinki we realised we’d just missed the ferry. We faffed about for 2 hours trying to find somewhere to eat, it seems eating out is not a common thing to do in Finland. Eventually we found a yha where we got pizza before getting on the ferry to Estonia. After a remarkably calm crossing we camped on an unused road on the outskirts on Talnin.

In the morning we crossed into Latvia where we stopped for a couple of hours by the beach, before heading into Lithuania. Petrol has now become much cheaper much less than £1/l ,  as has everything else, last night we had a traditional Latvian dinner involving pigs ears, ‘pixie’ chicken and strongmans roast plus for super cheap. This monring we are headed to Autoglass (Lithuanian equivalent) to see if they can fix a chip we found on the windscreen before attempting the Belarus border crossing.

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