Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Into Uzbekistan

6-7 August

After camping by the gates to hell we headed back through Ashgabat, where we got lost yet again, and then toward the border with Uzbekistan. We knew the border crossing closed at 6pm so it was a bit of a race to get there in time. Fortunately our little convoy were the last cars to be allowed across the border saving us from camping in no-mans land.  Since the guards wanted to go home we had a fairly easy ride getting through the border, apart from a little incident where the border guard wanted to share a cigarette with me (Rach).

The next morning we headed for Bokhara one of the ancient cities in Central Asia. The architecture was amazing with many tiled mosques and old city walls. After some time wandering around the market we headed on to Samarkand where we’re staying tonight. Tomorrow we’re going to look around Registan, before moving ever onwards.

Also as an FYI we’ve decided to have a slight change in our route and head in to Kyrgyzstan, since apparently we don’t need visas to go there any more, also after several day of above 40 degree heat we are excited to be heading into the mountains.


  1. Kyrgyzstan? Good plan. Visit the big lake, Issy-Kul. Keep driving!