Sunday 29 April 2012

Easter Holidays

Over the Easter break I (Rachel) decided to get in some rally practice by going on canoe club Easter tour to the Pyrenees.  As well as the usual long distance driving practice including a successful mission through central Paris at 3am, some unexpected challenges also popped up. These included crossing borders with an out-of-date passport: which proved to be easier than expected to quote passport control “yes, immigration are clamping down on this, so um, carry on. You may need to answer some questions on your way back”!! So much for tough border controls in the UK (the journey home proved just as easy). Lets hope all our border crossing go this smoothly!
Pyrenees in the Sunshine: lovely

However it wasn't all plain sailing, halfway to one river, driving down a rather potholed untarmaced road we were advised by a local “ you no drive down there; you turn around now”. Needless to say we ignored him completely and carried on. This resulted in us getting the bus completely stuck in a field, requiring the brains and brawn of 9 Imperial students to move the van. This took over 2 hours...
1 hour in and we're stuck in a new patch
 No doubt all this practice will come in useful, although hopefully our car will be somewhat lighter than one overloaded ICU minibus! Overall I had a great easter tour, we even got some boating in too.
Me on the upper Ara

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